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10 Classic Paintball Guns Under $100

In 2007 it was estimated by the “Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association” that over 5 million people, of which almost 2 million played Paintball at least 15 times in just that year alone. So if you want to start playing paintball and are on a budget, it only makes sense to purchase a durable and affordable paintball gun like the ones discussed in this article.

The price range for paintball guns greatly varies but there is no need to spend too much in order to purchase a good marker. There are also a variety of different manufacturers for the guns as well as type of guns. Some guns are mechanical, some are blow-back and others are semi-automatic.

Here is a list of awesome paintball guns under $100 that we recommend:

  1. BT-4 – This Delta Elite made durable gun is very similar to the Tippman 98. It is a good quality marker priced under $100 and is great for the beginner who may want to upgrade later.
  2. WGP Auto-cocker Trilogy – This auto-cocker paintball gun is a top of the line pistol, and although it is no longer being manufactured, there are quite a few still available for sale just below $100. The WGP has a lightweight body and a vertical air receiver.
  3. US Army Alpha Black – Tippmann manufactures the simple yet resilient US Army Alpha Black; a paintball gun which is sturdy, durable and very reliable, priced just under $100.
  4. Spyder Xtra – The Spyder Xtra is made by Kingman and is an entry level paintball gun that has an expansion chamber, as well as a drop forward easy-out bolt. This gun costs about $80.
  5. Stryker STR-1 – This stylish gun with the Stryker name for about $80, is comfortable; a decent performer and easy to hold. Included is a kit with a onetime use CO2 tank and a hopper.
  6. Spyder Sonix – Similar to the Spyder Xtra from Kingman, this high performance Sonix is made with a metal fore-grip and has an easy-out bolt. Maintenance on this paintball, which costs less than $70, is pretty simple.
  7. Piranha GTI – This easy-to-maintain entry-level paintball is made with precision in mind and comes with a flush-cocking bolt and gas-through fore-grip. The GTI is about $70.
  8. Spyder Victor – The base model from Kingman is the Spyder Victor, even though such features as an easy-out bolt and a bottom line are built into it. Easy to use and maintain, the Victor costs less than $60.
  9. Tactical T-Storm – This is a Brass Eagle brand semi-automatic paintball marker used in the woods. It has a tactical fore-grip and soft touch comfort grip panels, as well as s removable barrel made from aluminum. To use for increased firing, it has a double finger trigger and costs around $65.
  10. JT Tac 5 Ultimate Stealth Sniper– With the JT Tac 5 paintball gun has a sniper barrel and extended shroud. It is an entry level sniper that costs $59 and comes with a frame that has a double trigger and a flash suppressor barrel tip.

Whether you are an avid paintball player or just a beginner, you can purchase any one of these paintball markers which are priced under $100.

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