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Old School Cool: 3 Stock Class Pump Paintball Guns Worth Remembering

Want to get into stock class paintball? Stock class is a fun part of paintball, and appeals to the paintballer looking for a slower paced game that can be enjoyed in its entirety. A lot of paintball is lost on the fast paced speedball field, as skill can be replaced with heaping amounts of paint […]

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10 Classic Paintball Guns Under $150

Paintball is a fun, popular activity, and manufacturers have created a wide variety of options and styles at all different cost levels, even in the $1,000 range. But, do not be fooled into thinking you have to spend a small fortune to get into the game. There are many quality paintball guns priced under $150, […]

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10 Classic Paintball Guns Under $100

In 2007 it was estimated by the “Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association” that over 5 million people, of which almost 2 million played Paintball at least 15 times in just that year alone. So if you want to start playing paintball and are on a budget, it only makes sense to purchase a durable and affordable […]