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Magnetic Fog Wiper – Your Mask’s New Anti-Fog Ally

paintball mask fog wiper
Magnetic Fog Wiper

Sprays, wipes, fans, and thermal lenses have been used to minimize and prevent fog, but none of them are 100% effective. Fog will happen, especially in humid conditions, and can ruin a game. There are a few mask fog solutions, but one of the best I’ve come across right now is so simple, it makes me wonder why it hasn’t made its way onto every players mask. The coolest part is it can be used safely while playing, which means you won’t have to cram your hand on the inside of your mask to clear fog.

Can Be Used While Playing

The best part about this is it can be kept on the lense the entire time. Two magnets, with lense-worthy fabric (the kind you use to clean lenses if you do not want to scratch them), are held together through magnetic attraction. The larger one goes on the outside, and the smaller one on the inside. The larger one is duly sized so that you can grab it and move it across the lense for easy fog removal. I’ll add a vid demonstrating how they work soon.

How Strong Are The Magnets?

I’ve tried to bump the magnets off the lense, but couldn’t do it. Shaking it violently didn’t even break the attraction. Now, I suppose you could knock it off by bumping across something, but even then I can’t imagine that will happen. They are very strong magnets, and as long as you move it off to the side, preferable the to the top of the lense then you should have no issues with knocking it off. A much more likely scenario is it would get shot off by a paintball.

Below you can see the 2 models I reviewed. The one on the top is the paintball-specific unit, and the bottom unit is their scuba mask one. Both worked great, but had some differences that I discuss at the end of this review.

Paintball Mask Fog Wiper

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Does it Hinder Visibility?

This was one of my primary concerns, as most people including myself would likely find staring at a round black thing through the lense to be obstructive. Most masks however have plenty of lense to tuck the thing outside of your periphrial range. After shifting the wiper to the top right corner of my lense I no longer saw it.

Paintball Mask Fog Wiper

Cheap and Effective On-Field Fog Fighting Accessory

Personally, I’m glad I got a chance to review this, otherwise I may have never heard about it. There are 2 models that Wide-i sells that fit paintball masks. The specific one for Paintball Masks is larger, so grabbing hold of it is easier, plus it has a stronger magnetic attraction. The Scuba Mask one is smaller, but easier to move across the lens because it has less magnetic attraction. Personally, I like that one because it is smaller, and has less of a chance of getting shot off. It stayed on great, and can be tucked away easily outside of visible range. Not bad for something that costs less than $10 bucks.

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