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Accessories For a Sniper Paintball Gun

Sniper Paintball Rifle, Paintball Sniper RifleHaving a paintball sniper rifle of your own can be achieved one of three ways:  through accessorizing your current paintball gun with sniper-like accessories, through an aftermarket conversion kit, or by buying a pre-made paintball sniper rifle such as the RAP4 T68 and ARCUS.

This article focuses on the accessories and kits out there that can turn a standard paintball gun into a serious paintball sniper rifle.

There are multiple accessories that make up a sniper paintball rifle

  • Barrel 14 inches or longer
  • Bipod for steady aiming
  • Stock for steady aiming
  • Site for assistance in aiming

Optional accessories include

  • Remote Line
  • Site Rail
  • Mock Sound Suppressor

More on sniper paintball accessories: barrels, bipods, sites, stocks, site rails and more

sniper paintball barrel


A sniper’s paintball barrel should be over 14 inches, any length under would classify the marker as a close combat marker.  You can get away with having a shorter barrel, but if you want the look and feel of a sniper rifle then a longer barrel is a must.

Aside from being longer a sniper’s barrel should add range.  Paintball barrels that add range are the Apex and Flatline.  The Apex can be used on about any paintball gun, while the flatline is threaded specifically for Tippmann paintball markers such as the 98, X7 and A5. Price: $20-$40.

paintball bipod


A bipod is an essential part of a true paintball sniper rifle.  For one thing it allows a sniper to stabilize the marker while laying down, which will produce more accurate shots.  Secondly a bipod can make waiting easier.  Instead of wasting energy holding your marker in ready position, a bipod will do that job for you allowing you to watch and wait without the distraction of a tired, cramping arm.  Price:  $15-$30.


paintball remote


While a remote line is not entirely necessary, it does have its uses.  Many players do not like having a co2 or HPA tank underneath the stock.  A remote coil will also make the gun lighter and easier to carry. Price: $15-$35.


paintball gun silencer


Apparently there is a law that requires real sound suppressors to be licensed, so a mock suppressor will have to do.  This accessory is strictly aesthetic, but a cool looking one at that. Price: $20-$85.


paintball gun sight


A good sight can help give you more consistency in your shot.  While paintball guns do not shoot as far as a distance as some scopes range to, you can still sight yours in at just below the range of your paintball gun, which will give you a good frame of reference as to where you shots will go. Price: $20 – $110.


paintball gun sight rail

Sight Rails

A sight rail is imperative if your paintball gun does not already come with one and you plan on using a sight.  What a sight rail can also do is raise the sight, which can make siting much easier for those who’s masks get in the way. Sight rails typically cost $10 – $20.

paintball gun stock


Stocks allow you to steady your marker while taking aim.  A good stock should fit tightly into the shoulder and allow you to handle your marker with ease.  You can find stocks that can be sized to match your preference on how close you want your marker to your body. You can expect to pay $15 – $80 for a paintball gun stock.


Buy the above accessories and you will have a paintball sniper rifle that looks, feels, and performs to your liking.

Add up all the prices and you could get all the above accessories for at least $115. That’s $115 to turn your paintball gun into the sniper paintball gun you’ve been wanting, and better yet, you’ll be doing it with the accessories you choose.