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Old School Cool: 3 Stock Class Pump Paintball Guns Worth Remembering

stock class paintball gunWant to get into stock class paintball? Stock class is a fun part of paintball, and appeals to the paintballer looking for a slower paced game that can be enjoyed in its entirety. A lot of paintball is lost on the fast paced speedball field, as skill can be replaced with heaping amounts of paint and fast high end paintball guns.

If you are fed up with that style of play, or just want a cheaper avenue in paintball to roll in, then consider stock class paintball – its affordable, fun, and can make you a better player.

If you are ready to get into this great branch of paintball, here are the top 3 pump paintball guns you should consider for use in stock class paintball.

cci phantom

CCI Phantom

Perhaps one of the most well known high-performance pumps out there. The CCI Phantom is highly customizable and incredibly small. It boasts excellent accuracy, and quality design, making it a marker that will last and last. After owning one for 2 years I can say its definitively a great pump. It’s lightweight, easy to cock, and easy to convert to stock class and back. The starting retail price for a very basic stock class phantom is $209, but again, I resold mine on eBay for $200 and it had much more on it. Manufacturer: Component Concepts Inc.

stock class sterling stp

Stock Class Sterling STP

The Sterling has always been popular in paintball, and now it has finally made a full fledged turn into stock class paintball. The Sterling STP is a super modified Sterling fitted with all the necessaries for stock class play. It even has a feed that can be reversed to accept hoppers, which is handy when you want to play with a normal hopper. Also featured on it is a quick change 12 gram adapter, which can be placed on the bottom of the grip or vertically, or even swapped out with a regulator and bottomline tank setup. The STP retails for $319. You can sometimes find them for sale on eBay. Manufacturer: Arrow Precision.
carter buzzard

Carter Buzzard

The Carter Buzzard has been around for quite some time (well, so have all of these pump guns..), and has made quite an impression on pump paintball players. Its small design and quality milling make it both attractive and very light. It retails for $600, but can be found used on eBay for much less. Manufacturer: Carter Machine.

These are just 3 stock class paintball guns that happen to be the most commonly used. 2 others you might want to look into would be the CCM T2 (which will soon have a stock feed accessory available), and the Palmer Super Stocker.