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The Longest List of Paintball Team Names (55 More)

Whether you are a weekend Band of Brothers, testing the water in next months paintball tournament, or just about to get on a circuit –you need a name for your team. If you have sh*t-for-brains then the list below should provide enough brain fodder to get your own ideas growing.

Some of the names below may be taken on an amateur level, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Just stay away from the NPPL/PSP names and you should be fine(which I left out on the list).

Paintball Team
5 Finger Death Punch – a Band, not a Paintball Team, but it is a fact that creative paintball teams with creative names and memorable team members get sponsored!

55 Team Name Ideas

  1. Threat
  2. Triple Threat
  3. Small Furry Woodland Creatures of Doom
  4. Honey Bunches of Death
  5. Tenacious Three
  6. Team Guru
  7. Triple Targets
  8. Three More Bodybags
  9. Wounded Bad Mojo
  10. Triple Bad Mojo
  11. Trio Mojo
  12. Blue Balls
  13. The Unnamed
  14. Unarmed Soldiers
  15. Lost Boys
  16. Doom
  17. Paint Faction
  18. Blending Carnage
  19. Armageddon Worms
  20. Thrill
  21. Barkers Beauties
  22. Quintuplets of Doom
  23. Shenanigans
  24. Grand Theft Paintball
  25. Sausage Fest
  26. Slow Down We Suck!
  27. Urban Legends
  28. Fallen Angels
  29. Chaos Requiem
  30. Gleesome Threesome
  31. Paint Republic
  32. Fatal Assassins
  33. Threes Company
  34. Reservoir Dogs
  35. Fatal Effect
  36. The War Machine
  37. Cold Blooded Painters
  38. Click, Click, Splat
  39. Three-Headed Beast
  40. Improvised Killers
  41. Population Control
  42. The Three Stooges
  43. Keepers of Chaos
  44. The Select Few
  45. No Name Killers
  46. Target Painters
  47. Exterminators
  48. Paint Slingers
  49. Paintball Junkies
  50. Rabid Dogs
  51. Unstoppable Force
  52. Peace Disturbers
  53. Real Men of Genius
  54. Family Fury
  55. Bad Blood

For those that are in the beginning process of getting a team together, then picking a name is just the beginning.  Whats next?  A website for your paintball team is always a great next step, as it will show potential sponsors you are serious.  And the next step?  Getting sponsors for your paintball team of course – then its off to kick some ass 🙂