Crimes Against Paintball: City Wars & Shooting Pedestrians

2018 has been a big year for paintball. Just not in the way we thought. Gun-violence has put the public’s watchful eye on guns, and their likeness. You might think this is why publicity on crimes involving paintball markers is up…. But the reality is that paintball crimes really are up – it’s not just […]

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How to Get Your HPA Tank Hydro Tested

It was 2 weeks away from the big-game and while packing I discovered my 45/4500psi HPA tank I bought from Ninja Paintball was a week away from being due for hydro-testing. If you don’t know, on every tank there is a date of birth, and 5 years from that date that tank will be ‘due’ […]

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How Much Can Paintball Field Managers Make?

The average salary of a paintball field manager is somewhat hard to come-by, especially since the postings for them last a good couple of weeks due to popular demand for such a job. How popular? You could say in comparison, job openings at paintball fields fill at a pace on par with movie theaters. Everyone […]

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Magnetic Fog Wiper – Your Mask’s New Anti-Fog Ally

Sprays, wipes, fans, and thermal lenses have been used to minimize and prevent fog, but none of them are 100% effective. Fog will happen, especially in humid conditions, and can ruin a game. There are a few mask fog solutions, but one of the best I’ve come across right now is so simple, it makes […]

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Types of Protective Paintball Gear

Protective gear in paintball goes much further than the mask. Nowadays, it’s ok to play it safe on the field, whereas before you were chastised and tied to the stake for wearing neck or elbow pads. Because it is more openly accepted, companies are offering much more protective gear. For those that value their body […]

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Paintball on Community – What Paintball Guns Were Used?

The other night, Paintball was the highlight of the show Community. On the show they played a game called “Assassin”, which was basically a massive free-for-all match that encompassed the entire university. The last man standing won “priority registration,” which granted them a first-in-line chance to register for classes. The show was filled with fantastical […]

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Old School Cool: 3 Stock Class Pump Paintball Guns Worth Remembering

Want to get into stock class paintball? Stock class is a fun part of paintball, and appeals to the paintballer looking for a slower paced game that can be enjoyed in its entirety. A lot of paintball is lost on the fast paced speedball field, as skill can be replaced with heaping amounts of paint […]

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10 Classic Paintball Guns Under $150

Paintball is a fun, popular activity, and manufacturers have created a wide variety of options and styles at all different cost levels, even in the $1,000 range. But, do not be fooled into thinking you have to spend a small fortune to get into the game. There are many quality paintball guns priced under $150, […]

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10 Classic Paintball Guns Under $100

In 2007 it was estimated by the “Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association” that over 5 million people, of which almost 2 million played Paintball at least 15 times in just that year alone. So if you want to start playing paintball and are on a budget, it only makes sense to purchase a durable and affordable […]

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Accessories For a Sniper Paintball Gun

Having a paintball sniper rifle of your own can be achieved one of three ways:  through accessorizing your current paintball gun with sniper-like accessories, through an aftermarket conversion kit, or by buying a pre-made paintball sniper rifle such as the RAP4 T68 and ARCUS.